About Team Dashboard

What is it?

Team Dashboard gives team leaders and the entire team a simple way to learn about their strengths, build stronger relationships, and improve team dynamics. Each team member sets up their own profile, opening a door to explore our unique strengths, and communication preferences. Team Dashboard personalizes the development experience by driving relevant insights to each participant. When used in a team context, Team Dashboard creates a team profile so that everyone can learn to best work with every member.

Why does it work?

The most successful teams have people with diverse perspectives and strengths. However, miscommunication, conflict, and problem-relationships can get in the way of getting the best results. Team Dashboard offers a proven approach that starts with building self-awareness and progresses to highly personalized insights and action tips for each team member. Team members learn different perspectives and how to adapt their style based on the situation or people involved. Team dynamics and key success attributes come into focus, ensuring that small issues don’t become big problems.

How does it work?

Each invited team member starts with a 20-minute interactive Discovery where they will learn about important concepts such as interaction, listening, and personality styles. Once Discovery has been completed, participants access their own Personal Insights report with detailed results, points to remember, and suggestions for development.

Each member will also be prompted to join the team. To join, they must agree to share their profile information which contains information about their strengths and personality preferences. Once on a team, members who opt in receive tailored tips, called Insights, for working with other team members based on a unique combination of their profiles.

The most impactful Insights can be set as Action Items, complete with email reminders. To learn and affect behavior change, it is important to be prompted and accountable. Team Dashboard does just that.

And to assure that your team is working on the most important areas for improvement, we created TeamPulse. TeamPulse is an integrated micro-survey tool that will benchmark, track, and report progress over time. It is allows team members to anonymously share their perceptions on how the team is doing in a safe environment.

Team leaders integrate Team Dashboard into daily work to accelerate high performance. There are countless ways to use Team Dashboard creatively:

  • Review TeamPulse results monthly with your team and discuss opportunities to improve overall team performance.
  • Collaborate with team members one-on-one, using their personalized library of action tips to review progress and plan for the future.
  • Refer team members to review Relationship and Team Insights to introduce another perspective or suggestions for working more effectively with someone on the team.
  • Weave team activities and discussions into your team building efforts. We have a number of short 5-10 minute activities that you can easily add to your in-person or virtual team meetings.
  • And, we have all of the materials you will need to conduct a 1-hour Interaction Styles workshop on your own. Or, contact us at workshop@teamdashboard.com to schedule a deeper dive or custom workshop using one of our certified facilitators.