Not Receiving Emails from Team Dashboard?

Not getting the emails you expect is frustrating. Team Dashboard periodically sends several different messages, including to initially confirm your account, Action Item reminders, TeamPulse survey invitations, and more. Here are the most common reasons for why you are not receiving Team Dashboard email messages, and what you can do to assure that you receive all messages in the future.

Spam/Junk filtering is the most likely reason Team Dashboard messages are not getting through to your inbox. And since filtering can be accomplished in multiple ways, it makes it tough to pinpoint exactly where the problem lies.

Most companies have rules established on their email servers which will limit which incoming messages can get through to employees. Further, you can also establish rules for your own account that refine which messages get to your inbox. And, if you use email providers such as Google Gmail, Microsoft Outlook/Hotmail, or Yahoo, those services can also block certain messages.

We recommend that you take the following steps in this order. Keep in mind that every email provider and client is a bit different, so the terminology may be somewhat different in your case.

  1. Add to your address book and/or “safe senders” list. This is the best way to assure all messages from us get to your inbox.
  2. Search your Spam or Junk folder. Some programs call the folder Spam, others call it Junk.
  3. Review the settings of your email client to determine how that program is treating incoming messages. For instance, do you have your email client setup to only allow messages from people in your address book?
  4. Review the settings for your email account to determine if the account has restrictions to block messages. For instance, if you use Google, go to your Gmail account within a web browser and access the settings page. There you will find multiple options for how Gmail messages are filtered for your account. Other email providers have similar settings options.
  5. Contact your company’s IT department. Ask them to research why messages from would not be getting through. They will be able to “white list” so that you and others in your organization will receive messages properly.

There are several other possible reasons you are not able to find email messages from Team Dashbaord, so if the above steps do not solve the problem, check the following:

  1. addresses have been blocked by mistake. Some email programs have a “thumbs down” or “move to junk” button that will prevent future emails from that sender from reaching your inbox.
  2. Email filters or rules are moving incoming messages from to a different folder.
  3. Email quotas have been reached, so new incoming messages are not allowed.

If you need further assistance, please Contact Us.