System Requirements

Check Your Web Browser

Team Dashboard is available on any device with a web browser, and best viewed using the latest of the major web browsers. To ensure the best experience, and least problems, be sure that your browser is up to date.  We recommend browsers no older than one of the versions in this list of minimum browser requirements.

The following are the supported versions of browsers. If your browser is older (a prior version number) than the supported version shown here, please upgrade your browser, or try another supported browser from this list.

chrome-icon Download Chrome. Minimum Chrome version is 18 or greater.
safari-icon Download Safari Minimum Safari version is 6.
firefox-icon Download Firefox Minimum Firefox version is 20.
ie-iconDownload Internet Explorer Minimum Internet Explorer version is 9.
Download Windows 10 to use Microsoft Edge.  Microsoft Edge is currently available as part of a Windows 10 upgrade or installation.

Your Version

To check the version your web browser is running, try these links, or find the menu option “About” in your browser software, as shown here:
Internet Explorer:

In the Internet Explorer window, click on Help> About Internet Explorer. You may have to right-click the Internet Explorer toolbar and check Menu Bar in order to see “Help.”  Or, hitting the Alt key, with an IE window open, will temporarily display the Menu Bar.

Firefox About
About Safari
If all else fails, try this link to determine your web browser:


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